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BSI and Boston Public School Teachers Featured on Science Curriculum Website
Boston, MA (January 18, 2011) -

The Boston Schoolyard Initiative's (BSI) Science in the Schoolyard™ video, which features Boston Public School teachers, is now featured on the website of the Full Option Science System (FOSS)™ -- an inquiry-based  science curriculum developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California. The video shows Boston Public School teachers taking science outdoors.  It demonstrates both practical tips for outdoor classroom management and strategies for effective outdoor science instruction. Featured in the video are BPS teachers Dean Martin, Erin Rua, Eric Meuse, and Erin Majewski, and students from the Philbrick, Gardner, and Harvard Kent Elementary Schools.  The video was produced by the Boston Schoolyard Funders Collaborative with support from Delta Publishing. 

FOSS™ is one of the science curricula used by Boston Public Schools.  BSI’s guides to FOSS™ science kits,   which were produced in conjunction with the BPS Science Department and BPS teachers, are also featured on the FOSS website, and are available to teachers nationally through Delta Publishing.  Executive Producer on the video is Kristin Metz, BSI Director of Education.

To see the video, go to the FOSS Website.

For more information on the Boston Schoolyard Initiative’s Science in the Schoolyard™ program, contact Jack Sheridan at or